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Super slim quick Wireless Charger (5w / 7.5w or 10w)

Super slim quick Wireless Charger (5w / 7.5w or 10w)


WirelessCharger |Aluminum| 10W

Supports QuickCharging (QC)

The Wireless charger supports QC, what means that you can charge your electronics faster than with most other chargers.

Great compatibility

The Wireless charger is compatible with all mobile phones equipped with wireless charging

10W high-power output

The Wireless Charger has an output of either 5, 7.5 or 10 Watts, automatically adjusting to the most suitable setting.

Overcharge protection

When the phone is full, it automatically switches to trickle charge protection mode, protecting your battery.

High-grade aluminium body

Its qualitative aluminium body makes it pleasant to the touch and gives it a sturdy look.