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Allocacoc PowerCube Extended 1.5 meter 5Way Wall Socket Adapter (Boston Red) (7300)

Allocacoc PowerCube Extended 1.5 meter 5Way Wall Socket Adapter (Boston Red) (7300)


This version of the PowerCube has a 1.5-meter cable and 5 socket outlets. With the included docking system, this cube can be mounted anywhere: on your desktop, on the wall, beneath your tabletop, … 

Often you arrive at your office, at home, in a meeting, or somewhere else and find it difficult to reach for a nearby available power outlet to charge your notebook or mobile phone. The PowerCube will eliminate this problem as it allows you to mount multiple power sockets where it is the most convenient. The number of outlets can be expanded according to your needs, creating a tailored power source within reach.

 The PowerCube is a versatile product, enabling you to place a power outlet anywhere you want.

• Mount. Twist. Charge - Tape your dock to any smooth surface. Twist and lock your PowerCube to the dock. Turn your mounted PowerCube a full 360 degrees to plug in at any corner. Perfectly suited for reachable access to charging all your devices.

• Power Within Reach - Struggling to charge your phone because the power outlet is across the room? Or maybe your wall outlet is hidden behind your desk or bed? Whether you need outlets near your bedside or desk, the PowerCube |Extended| is a perfect choice. This durable cable provides power across the room. You need power? We got you!

• No Plug Blockage - Are those bulky laptop plugs getting in the way of the other power outlets? The PowerCube |Extended| is perfectly suited to neatly plug in all your devices.

• Stack to personalize it - Stack your PowerCubes to create your desired number of sockets. Just stack, plug, and power! Have fun creating your own tailored source of power.

• Childproof Sockets - Spring-loaded receptacle cover plates prevent the insertion of objects when unequal pressure is applied. Align the prongs to plug into the sockets. Keep your child safe with our childproof sockets.