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reCAP Mason Jars Fermentation Starter Kit - Perfect Gift for Food Lovers

reCAP Mason Jars Fermentation Starter Kit - Perfect Gift for Food Lovers


Are you new to fermentation? Or are you looking to make a small batch ferment? The reCAP Fermentation Starter Kit Gift Set is perfect for fermentation beginners and small batch ferments! You can make kimchi, sauerkraut, ginger beer, kombucha, water and milk kefir and many more ferments with this kit.

A 4* review by Rhik Samadder (@whatsamadder) of The Guardian Newspaper

A Complete Fermentation System, perfect for beginners! 

Introducing the reCAP® Fermenter: the EASIEST waterless airlock set that ferments and stores culinary creations that are delicious and good for your health.   This tried and tested solution is simple to use, with less pieces and steps, and better results than traditional methods and current Mason jar fermenting tools that we’ve tested.

reCAP® Fermentation is different. This is a low-profile, waterless airlock with an authentic one-way valve to let gases escape and absolutely not let air in. Something that eliminated the need to monitor the fermenting jars every day, but made it easy to peek in and taste when desired. We wanted something that could easily convert to plain storage to put in the refrigerator when complete. The reCAP Fermenter makes fermentation AND storage easier and more fun. From Sauerkraut to Kimchi, Kefir to Kombucha, we encourage you to Make It Yours and we think you’ll love it!


ventiset.png reCAP Venti Jar Set with The Original reCAP POUR Cap in Silver and 24 ounce/680 Gram Ball Mason jar



fermenter.pngreCAP Fermenter: Waterless, Authentic One Way Valve. Low-profile and durable!



weight.pngFermentation Weight: 4 ounce/113 Gram Ball Mason jar to be used as a weight, keeping contents submerged under brine/juices to prevent mould.


salt.pngHimalayan Pink Salt: 100% Raw, Natural, and Unrefined. Best salt for fermentation! 100g Gram packet (measures 1/4 cup)



**Also includes instruction guide and 3 recipes for beginners (Ginger Carrots, Hot Sauce, & Salsa) + free download to full Fermentation Made Easy eBook with 9 unique fermentation recipes!

Good digestion is essential to your health and helpful bacteria (referred to as probiotics) are essential to your gut. When bacteria are out of balance, it can cause complications. The simplest way to introduce good bacteria is to incorporate fermented foods into your diet.

Fermented foods are very easy to make at home. Along with being cost-effective it's actually better to make your own. Store-bought options are usually pasteurized, which kills good bacteria. Some of the best fermented foods for promoting gut health include: Sauerkraut or Kimchi; Kefir; and Kombucha.

Fermenting vegetables at home is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Wash everything really well. This includes all equipment and vegetables. The process of fermenting is to remove oxygen and allow good bacteria to grow. Clean hands, jars, tools, surfaces and food are an important first step.
  1. Chop & pack tight. Chopping fine or shredding vegetables provides more surface area and ferments quicker than larger or whole pieces. Press down and pack really tight into the jar, you want to eliminate pockets of air.
  1. Salt & submerge. A good rule of thumb for making brine is 1-3 tablespoons of salt per quart of water. Most importantly, you must keep the vegetables submerged under water. 

 The popular reCAP Fermenter keeps the oxygen from entering the jar and allows the bubbles (CO2) to escape. Thousands of people have successfully learned how to ferment at home using the reCAP system.  Each kit includes free downloadable recipes and tips.


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