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Allocacoc Power USB |HUB| 4-way USB UK Wall Plug Adapter Hub (9303)

Allocacoc Power USB |HUB| 4-way USB UK Wall Plug Adapter Hub (9303)


One of the strengths of the PowerCube is its modular design. With the Power USB Hub, it is possible to connect extra USB ports to a PowerCube, providing a compact and lightweight solution for charging your mobile devices.

The Power USB functions as a USB Hub (for both data transfer and charging) enabling you to connect several devices to a single USB port. It has integrated IEC-Connector, so you can charge your devices directly from a wall socket.

This is the perfect travel companion for busy executives or those who work on, their commute, holiday or generally on the go.


  • 4 additional USB ports - These ports function for data transfer as well as for charging, offering a solution for the lack of USB ports on contemporary devices.
  • Compatibility - The PowerUSB |HUB| and PowerUSB|Portable|are compatible with all our other products, enabling you to create a tailored solution.
  • IEC connector - At the back an IEC connector is provided, making it easy to connect a standard computer/printer cable of the length you prefer, or use it with one of our travel plugs for direct wall charging.
  • No loose cables - A cable fix is integrated into the corners of the PowerUSB |HUB| and PowerUSB|Portable|, making sure that your cables do not entangle.