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Hackit Plus Kitchen Utensil and Tub

Hackit Plus Kitchen Utensil and Tub


Designed and manufactured in Norway, the HackitPLUS is a genius kitchen tool that easily and quickly breaks up mincemeat in the cooking pan - it also chops and mashes other foods like biscuits, avocado, berries, potatoes and vegetables with no fuss at all.The container is exactly the right size for the masher and has tall sides to stop food escaping or making a mess when chopping or crushing.


Food safe and dishwasher-proof, its also heat proof up to 210 degrees centigrade. Hackit Plus is available with a Red Hackit, and White for the Tub.


The Hackit is Norway's best-selling single kitchen tool, having sold over 1 million pieces in a country with a population of just 5 million people. Now available in the UK from 2tech Ltd.