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Carrinet Veggio 3 Pack Recycled Fruit & Vegetable bags, Display Carton of 27

Carrinet Veggio 3 Pack Recycled Fruit & Vegetable bags, Display Carton of 27


Carrinet Veggio now comes in a 3 pack of same-size bags with a FREE Display Carton - perfect for retailers to offer plastic free solutions to their customer. These make ideal point of sale displays next to till points or on the sales desk for impulse buys. Customers can easily see what these bags are made from and how useful they will be as part of their daily shop.

Carrinet Veggio are CIRCULAR fruit & veg bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, Food Grade, BPA Free and 100% recyclable. Machine washable, stress-tested to 10kg, they are perfect for reducing your single use plastics in supermarkets and grocers. Everyone should have these in their reusable shopping bags. Recycling is good, reusing is much better!

  • Pack of 5 x reusable drawstrings net bags in 3 different sizes
  • Food grade, BPA free rPET made from recycled plastic bottles: 100% recycled
  • stress-tested to 10KG – carry all your spuds safely!
  • Sets contain 3 bags: 31.5 x 30 cms each
  • See the produce through the net and affix price tag to the label
  • Machine washable, easy to dry, do not attract mould or bacteria
  • Helps fresh produce to breath and stay fresher for longer
  • No bleach or colour used in production so fully recyclable


Veggio comes with a side label where you easily can attach scanning price tags. You can rinse the fruit or vegetables through the bag when you get home like a colander. Veggio is machine washable at 40 degrees, hang to dry, reshape gently when damp. Also suitable for pastries and baked goods, as a laundry bag for your delicate clothing, for carrying bulbs at a garden centre and for general organisation at home.

Consumers need little encouragement to invest in Carrinet Veggio as we have embraced the Carrier Bag for Life and reusable coffee cup, now the government has stepped in to reduce all plastic fruit and veg packaging by 2020 in supermarkets and grocers. Carrinet Veggio is the perfect recusable, recyclable solution. Product packaging comprises a small piece of recycled card and 2 staples. Made with virtually zero emissions and 100% recyclable.