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The Boot Strap

The Boot Strap


Need to haul big things in a small car? No problem!


With the transport strap ”The Boot Strap” it’s no longer a hassle to pick up a few pieces of timber at the DIY store, or a new closet at IKEA, in your car. The Boot Strap fits in the lock of the boot of your car. It is mounted in a few seconds, and keeps the boot lid securely in place while driving. And after use it is removed just as easily


You probably know the problem. When you need to transport some material for your new DIY project, some branches you have cut from a tree in the garden, a new piece of furniture etc. etc., your car just isn’t big enough. So you can’t close the boot lid. Until now the only solution has been to improvise with a piece of rope or similar, but this is neither convenient nor safe. The Boot Strap solves his problem once and for all!


The Boot Strap was developed by the Danish entrepreneur, Thomas Poppenboll Helms, and it has been on the market in Denmark for a few months now, with great success. In collaboration with 2tech the product is now being launched in the United Kingdom.


The Boot Strap is extremely easy to use:


1: (upper left) Push the buckle with the closed loop into the car lock until you hear a click


2: (upper right) Hook the other buckle into the opposite part of the lock


3: (lower left) Pull the strap with one hand while supporting the boot lid with the other hand


4: (lower right) Once the strap is pulled tight, so there is no slack between the two buckles, you are ready to go. After use the strap is released simply pulling the boot lid handle