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No Corner Left Behind

Clean those cracks and crevices with Groove. This multifunction cleaner contains three interchangeable heads that are perfect for even the most difficult spaces. Use the glass cleaning sponge to reach inside jars, wine glasses, and other places where hands can’t fit. Snap on the sponge head to scrub away caked on crud with it’s scouring pad. Finish the job with the bristled brush and leave your kitchenware sparkling. When finished, put Groove in the dishwasher, handle and all.


- Interchangeable heads tackle any job: scouring sponge, bristled brush, glass cleaning sponge
- Cleans where hands can’t fit
- Heads snaps into handle easily and securely
- All materials are dishwasher safe
- Rubberized handle for non-slip grip
- Hanging hole in the handle for storage
- Set includes all three heads and replacements can be purchased individually

– Sponge head with scouring material on one side
– Sponge material for the round and flat head sponges
– Nylon bristle brush
– Polypropeline
TPE overmold

- Uniform length 10.5” L (266.7mm)
- Width varies: from 1 ¾” – 2.5” depending on head (25.4 – 63.5mm)